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Monday, September 6, 2010

Just What We Needed

The past 3 day weekend was just what the Jones' needed. Since school and volleyball season started back our schedule has been a constant go go go. I feel like I have barely gotten to see Bryan and I'm pretty sure he feels the same. Thankfully we didn't have ANYTHING we had to do over the long weekend and it was glorious. The weather here in Georgia was beautiful...so absolutely perfect. We had the kids outside for playtime several times over the weekend. It was nice to finally get out with the kids and not feel like we would pass out from the heat. Bryce was loving all the outdoor playtime and would actually have a little fit when we would bring him in.

Bryce is moving on the scooter now!

On Friday night the girls had a spend the night party with my mom. Bryan and Bryce had a dinner date with Cam and Makenzie (our neighbor and his adorable little girl), while I went to to a surprise party for a friend I have known since elementary school. I had the best time catching up with old girlfriends. I loved hearing stories about their kids and where life has taken them.
We really should get together more often ladies!!

This is the birthday girl, Holly. I met her on the first day of 4th grade and she is still just as sweet and sincere as the day I met her.

Saturday the weather was total perfection. We played outside and then made our way indoors to watch some FOOTBALL!! We watched the Dawgs play and we watched the Dawgs win. I love football season. I love having an excuse to get friends together. All the banter back and forth between friends who don't root for the Dawgs is always enjoyable too. Bryan and I wrapped up our lovely Saturday with a date night. Hooray for date nights!! Big thanks to my mom for watching the kids on Saturday nights so we can go out.

Sunday brought a big change to our house that was harder on me than anyone else. We painted Bryce's room!! His room has been the nursery in this house for 6 years so painting over those red stars that took so long to paint was a little sad. All three of my babies used that nursery so it was an end to a chapter in my life book. I love the finished look. It's definitely a boy looking room now. Painting the room is phase 1 of the room transformation. The next phase will be painting the furniture. I'm not sure on the paint color yet so until I figure that out things will stay as they are. My back and neck were killing me after painting his room! I don't know if that says I'm out of shape, old or it was just a really tough room to paint. Let's just say it's the latter of the three. ;)

Before: the nursery...

After: Bryce's room!!

We spent our Labor Day at the pool. The last pool day of the season. Hard to believe another summer has come and gone. The group that joined us for Labor Day was very low key so it was a nice relaxing day that complimented our nice relaxing weekend.

Now...it's back to the grind!!

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