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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Disney Fun Day 1!

~ Our first day of Disney fun started out at Epcot. ~Align Center
We started with breakfast reservations at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall for the "Storybook Princess Breakfast". This was our first time doing this character meal and we thought it was great...especially Bryce! Since this was a Princess themed breakfast there weren't many little boys there. It seemed the Princesses were all so excited to have a boy dine with them that they each gave Bryce A LOT of attention! Our little man didn't mind the attention at all as he was working those Princesses with his sweet smile and flirty eyes. It was hilarious and definitely one of my favorite moments of the trip.
We saw Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel.
**The breakfast at Akershus house is only 1 sit down dining credit (verses the 2 that Cinderella's Royal Table requires) if you are on a dining plan. It INCLUDES two 6 x 8 photos and four 4 x 6 photos. (Disney photos are not typically included in the character meals and usually cost $30.00 per package). I read reviews for both dining experiences and The Storybook Princess had much better reviews than Cinderella's Royal Table...I mention this to anyone wanting to lock that in their travel vault. There was a cold buffet of yogurt, fruit, danish, breads and all sorts of traditional cheeses and fish from Norway. I skipped the raw fish for breakfast though! Our hot food was brought to the table on a large platter consisting off scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage (all you can it). **
This was the best Belle I have seen yet. Just after this picture she kissed Bryce on the forehead solidifying him into a Belle fan for life.
Bryce and Belle had a magical moment.
I wish we had video rolling! ;)

After breakfast we hit up the Nemo attraction. We are big fans of Turtle Talk with Crush. It's a fun interactive show for kids AND parents! From there we hit up Spaceship Earth or "The Big Ball" as Bryce called it, Soarin', Maelstrom Adventure Cruise, Innovations and then we walked all the countries. We did so much walking the girls rubbed blisters on the inside of their feet. We had to find the First Aid for band-aids. Must be a regular thing at Disney because the nurse knew exactly what we needed when we walked in! We had beautiful weather for our visit to Epcot, but were bummed that we missed Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. We hopped on the Monorail around 3:30 and headed over to the Magic Kingdom for more fun.

~ Next stop...Magic Kingdom! ~

Hands down the girls favorite park. We enjoyed the Flying Carpets and Pirates of the Caribbean first. Bryce is now a full fledged pirate fan...has his own pirate hat, eye patch and sword to boot. A regular phrase heard around our house now is, "Arr. I'm a pirate!". After a quick dinner at Pecos Bill's (delicious chicken wraps!), we hit up the Haunted Mansion (Bryce included), Thunder Mountain (the girls favorite!) and It's a small world. Even though the park was open until 2:00 AM for resort guests, we decided to call it a night because our littles were pooped.

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