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Friday, June 24, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 10

Well it's Friday...so off to the pool we went this morning. We didn't have swim lessons today so I didn't think we would have many friends show up to swim with us. I was wrong! We ended up having lots of friends stop by, which made for a fun day of swimming.

Sydney had her last day of soccer camp today. Around lunch time Bryan went to pick Sydney and cousin Lexi up from camp. You would think these girls would have been too worn out to swim after a week of soccer from 9:00 to 4:00 daily in the hot Georgia heat..but no. They were ready to swim and they did so all afternoon long.

Not a bad Pool Friday...not bad at all!

Jordyn gets better and better...or shall I say, more brave every time she visits the pool. She is doing a fabulous job swimming on her own!
Bryan demonstrates to Lexi what the "Frog Jump" is.
She nails it. Not bad Lexi!
Sydney sporting her early birthday gift from Cece. She practiced using the snorkel all day. Here she is showing us how she "looks" under the water. Funny girl.
These 3 beauties love spending time together.
This picture makes me giggle.
Bryce's best Wall-E impression. ;)
Hmm...maybe the mask was a little tight?!

Happy Friday!!

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