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Sunday, June 26, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 12

Another great day in the books this summer.

We had lunch with Honey, Papa and the rest of the Jones family. We then went home for a tiny rest before heading out to a birthday party for out friend Ethan C. Ethan turned 6 and had himself a military themed pool party. Ethan's mommy (aka Laura) put on a super cute party. The kids a blast playing with water guns and making their way through the obstacle course. After the obstacle course all the kids got to make their own ice cream sundaes! You would have thought my girls had never had ice cream before by the way they were scarfing down their sundaes!

The troops reporting for duty and saluting!
They are ready to start their mission (obstacle course).

Ethan leading the charge...military crawl.
Jordyn "scaling" the wall.
Sydney completing part of her mission by going down the slide!
LOOK OUT...enemy attack!!
(Dads with silly string. Very dangerous).

Way to go troops. You completed your mission!
Now time for ice cream. Notice the army man. :)
Checking out each others creations.
This is Ethan's big sister Taylor. Such a beauty.
Jordyn making the rounds...she is a social butterfly.
Sydney making sure she gets every last drop of her sundae.
Girl loves her some ice cream!

Bryce skipped the obstacle course and ice cream because he was having himself a grand time in the pool with his daddy.
You can barely see it, but she has a water gun in her hand and a look on her face that says she is planning an ambush.
Sydney coming up from air after trying to hide from the gun fire.
Bryan and Shaun being, well, Bryan and Shaun.
Shaun is Taylor and Ethan's daddy.

I'll let you insert your own caption here...

I'm telling you...this girl is sneaky!! Look at that face!
Ethan being thrown high into the air. He was getting some major air.
This afternoon Bryce went from this...
To this!!

The party finished up just in time. On the way home the bottom literally fell out. We have been getting evening thunder storms for a week or so now.
After the storm, not only was the sun set lovely, there was a double rainbow to go along with it!
The sunset made the sky look like it was cut in half. It was a bright day sky topped with brilliant sunset colors.
So pretty!
This is looking to the left off my front porch.
Looking straight off my porch this was the view.
A double rainbow.
The colors in the rainbow were that bright. I did not edit any of these photos.
I took at least 30 photos of the rainbows so by the time I was finished the sky was becoming more and more dark, but the rainbow colors stayed bright.

Lovely end to a lovely day.

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