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Sunday, June 19, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 5

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there including my daddy, my sweet father-in-law and my amazing husband!!

Here is a glimpse of how we spent our day. I must say...a fabulous day indeed!

We started the morning off with muffins. I am very good at making up excuses to eat delicious treats and Father's Day is the perfect day to eat strawberry and chocolate chip muffins. Bryan was greeted with a slew of gifts when he came down to breakfast. The kids each picked him out something special from the dollar store and wrapped it up for him. He got 3 of his favorite candy treats, a tire cleaning brush, a flash light and a mitten to use when cleaning a car. My mom left a gift fro him too...a couple of Georgia t-shirts!

In order to get his Father's Day gift from me I had him work for it. I made a little scavenger hunt for him. Apparently my clues were hard because I had to help him a little, but the hard work paid off in the end.

Clue # 1
Clue # 2
Clue #3
Clue #4
And finally...jackpot!
I think his smile says it all...
His gift in all of his glory.
He worked on hanging it this afternoon while I made dinner preparations. We have a decent size TV in our basement, but Bryan has been wanting a smaller TV in this middle room since we finished our basement a few years ago.
After the hunt it was time for some quick Father's Day photos before we headed off to church.
I wanted in on some of the picture with Bryan action too.
Because he is so darn cute!!!
Later in the afternoon my daddy and brothers came over for dinner. We had a delicious dinner followed up by a delicious cake. After the grub we headed outside for playtime.
Here is my dad. He is a pretty cool guy.
His shirt is funny because he name is Howard. Ha!!
He said he wears that shirt in case he gets lost.
Bryan wanted to try out Uncle Jay's fancy BMX bike.
Umm...yea...he is out of his mind.
Jay showing his skills.
Bryce showing off equally impressive skills. ;)
Sydney riding Uncle Jay's bike. She did mow over Bryce at one point, but luckily everyone was okay.
Jordyn opted for no bike riding, but wanted to show off her scooter skills in-between playing Angry Birds.
Hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day as much as we did.

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The Eady's said...

I LOVE IT!! I am going to have to try that one next year on Terry!! Great Idea! Love all the pictures!! You look great Jenny!!