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Sunday, July 31, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 47

And July came and went...


This summer has flown by. We had every intention of spending the day at the pool, but we ended up just hanging around the house and I must say it was really relaxing. We slept in, did a little cleaning and played outside. A chill family day to finish out July. Bryan starts volleyball tomorrow so the crazy hectic schedule is upon us. I still have 2 more weeks before the girls are back to school and 3 weeks until Bryce starts school. I am very happy about that. I know so many parents are ready to get the kiddos back in school, but I would much rather have my babies at home with me. I kind of live for our chaotic home life.
I just love it.

While the kids played outside I practiced photographing the kids in action. I wanted to practice some tips I read online on how to get clearer pictures while shooting moving "targets". The kids were good sports, but poor things wore out quickly because it was so hot.

Hiiii - yaaaa!!
Jumping and twisting - not too shabby.
Scooter jump....she is getting pretty good at those things!
Bryan put his big head in one of my shots.
The result...him looking like Jack Nicholson in the Shining.
Kind of creeps me out.

Bye-Bye July!

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