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Sunday, August 7, 2011

He's ready...and Happy Birthday!

Today we reached a milestone.

To the average family this may seem trivial, but to us it was a big deal.

Today, Bryce went to his first Sunday school preschool class. I know...our boy is 3 and is JUST now making his debut in the preschool at our church, but up until earlier this year I had not received the okay from his CF docs to even register him for a weekday preschool class. Since his actual weekday preschool class starts in a few weeks we decided to let him try out his Sunday school class. We went back and forth with this decision all weekend, but decided to go for it as we pulled into the church parking lot this morning. Let me tell you...this kid was pumped about this new experience!

After talking with the preschool director and explaining a few things to her about Bryce (enzymes, hydration, hand washing, etc) they walked us to his class to introduce us to his teachers. I was delighted to learn that the couple in the classroom will be his regular Sunday school teachers for the remainder of the year. Everyone was very attentive as we explained a few things they will need to know while Bryce is in the class. I have a packet of medical information to fill out that the church will keep on file for him. Each Sunday he will have to sign in at the main preschool desk AND sign into his classroom. He also has to wear a medical alert sticker on his back. After introductions it was time for Bryan and I to head to service. I was very nervous leaving my boy, but he was not nervous in the least. He barely had time to give me a kiss goodbye...which by the way was on my leg because waiting for me to bend over to kiss him took too much time. He quickly walked through the classroom door and headed straight for a boy playing with some race cars.
He didn't even look back at me!
My baby = big boy
When we came back to pick Bryce up they were having snack. His teacher said, "Bryce, your mom and dad are here to pick you up". He turned around and looked at us with the biggest cracker filled smile on his face. Oh that smile...melts me like butta each and every time. ;) While he was cleaning up his snack mess, using the potty (all by himself!) and washing his hands one of his teachers said, "He sure is a rambunctious little guy (while smiling with big eyes)". Bryan and I started laughing and let her know that he is like that from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed.
(He just washed his hands, hence why his shirt is wet.)

After today I am convinced my boy is ready for school.
The question now: Am I ready for him to be in school?!

In other exciting news:

My daddy celebrates his birthday this week so tonight we celebrated few days early with a birthday dinner and cake. Slurp. Happy Birthday Dad!

In no so exciting news:

My favorite hubby goes back to work tomorrow. School is back in for teachers and since it's volleyball season he has practice after school. Boohoo. I'm going to be sulking all week. Okay, who am I kidding. I will be sulking for at least the next 3 months.
We seriously need a lottery win so we can play summer all year long!

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