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Friday, August 12, 2011

Stitches x 3!

Today was eventful.

I thought it was going to be a relaxing last Pool Friday of the season. It did start out that way, but
shortly after lunch Bryce had a little run in with the outdoor swing.

The result...stitches!

Three of them to be exact.

This stitches experience was not as traumatic as his last experience. There was hardly any blood unlike the last time, which I think helped a lot. The gash was more deep than wide so it was almost like the blood was pooling up in the gash (sorry if that sounded gross). So, off I went with my brave boy to Children's Immediate Care. The girls stayed with my mom and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the pool with their friends. They start school on Monday so I wanted them to enjoy the pool while they could.
When I got to Children's there was a sign posted saying that there was a 90 to 120 minute wait.

Say what?

After signing in I requested that Bryce do his waiting in a private room because of his CF. Not sure if my fellow CF mom's do this, but even at the pediatrician I ask that we do our waiting in a private room in hopes of keeping Bryce away from other kids that may be sick. It also keeps him off and away from the toys set out for the kids to play with. When I see public toys out like that I visualize the germs swarming all over them!!
We waited for quite a while before they took us back to triage where he got his numbing cream to prep him for the stitches. I also found out at this time that Bryce weighed in at 33 lbs! He went up a little since last weeks well check-up, which puts us a little closer to our weight goal for next weeks clinic.
He looked funny with his "head band" on to help keep the cream pack in place. He was to keep the pack on and be still (ha. ha.) for 30 minutes. FINALLY after 45 minutes of waiting they brought us to an exam room where I was informed that they will probably be doing staples.

Again, Say what?

I can handle the stitches, but I can tell you right now there was no way I was going to be able to stay in that room and listen to the sound of stables going into my son's head. I'm pretty good about stuff with the kids, but that might be where I draw the line!! Thankfully the doctor changed her mind just before starting the procedure. She ended up going with the stitches that dissolve in 5 to 7 days. Whew!

I didn't get any pictures while they were stitching him up because I was holding down his legs. He also had his arms in a pillow case that when he was laid down, locked his arms in place. Almost like a little straight jacket. As soon as the doc started stitching he winced and brought his knees to his chest so my job was to hold his legs down. He gripped my hands tightly as they worked, but never once did he cry or say ouch. He was such a tough guy.
Of course he worked his charm and was making the doctor and nurse laugh with his constant talking. He is such a funny little dude.

Love him so much.


Unknown said...

He is just too cute and such a good sport with rolling with the punches! How can you not LOVE that?! Maybe he could teach M how to stay calm and roll with them?! I need a little of that in my life! Love the pictures of his smiling face- just adorable. Glad he is better!

Nitza M. Rivera said...
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Tara said...

He is such a brave little guy.. and so cute!! It reminds me of my brother at that age.. had a few sets of stitches in the same place on his forehead from riding his little bike in the house and into a radiator... same radiator.. same bike.. same spot on forehead... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header... so perfect!! Love your posts... except the stitches part... You are such a great mom!!

Jen Tomerlin said...

Is this what I have to look forward to with my Bryce??? They seem a lot alike!