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Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's not Fall...

*Our fair visit was on 9/28/11. Better late than never on this post.

...Until we go to the North Georgia State Fair. You know, the place where Georgia's finest come out to have themselves real good time. I don't know what it is about the fair, but the the people watching is prime. Bryan couldn't join us because he was coaching volleyball; however, my mom and my dad met us there. It was really nice having them there because they were a great help in keeping an eye on the kids. (THANK YOU!!!) I think we wore my dad out because he pooped out on us after dinner. Of course, he kept up with Bryce the most so that alone will wear anyone out!

My favorite part of our trip each year is watching my babies have fun on some of the SAME rides I rode as a kid. This trip was especially great because Bryce is starting to "get it". He was totally pumped about everything and wanted to ride everything. He was very very upset that he could not ride the big rocking Pirate Ship with his sisters as the man running the ride told him he was too small. I wish I had camera rolling because he looked at that man with a very distraught face and yelled at him, "I'm NOT too small". He was so mad!! I had to reassure him he was not too small; only too young. I told him you have to be 5-years-old to ride the Pirate Ship. My explanation seemed to do the trick and his smiled returned in no time.

The girls had a blast as well. Jordyn decided right off the bat that she wanted to ride the new swing ride. I was shocked she wanted to try it because it went up really high off the ground, but girlfriend LOVED it. It took Sydney the entire visit to build up the courage to get on the swings. Finally just before we left she decided she was ready for the swings. Once the ride started you could see her fear melt away. By the end of the ride she had her hands held high..."Look mom! No hands!"

Another fun filled trip to the fair under our belts. We can officially say it's Fall!

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Unknown said...

Love the story you shared about Bryce- Love that he stands up for himself. What a little fighter already. ;) Sounds like a fun time...Your pics really capture all the fun the kiddos had!