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Sunday, November 6, 2011

~ Ready To Pop ~

My dear friend Amber is just that.

She is "ready to pop" with a baby girl.
Isn't she beautiful?!


Actually she has about 12 more weeks of cooking to do, but little baby seems to think she can make a much earlier appearance. Amber is currently on bed rest in hopes of keeping her little lady cooking longer. A doc appointment on Tuesday will determine if Amber will remain on bed rest.
Keep her in your prayers for sure. :)
Casey, Lindsay and I threw a baby shower for Amber and Eric this weekend. The theme was "Ready To Pop" and it turned out really cute. Amber and Eric have had quite the journey in becoming parents so it was a very exciting evening for everyone. The parents-to-be loaded up on loot for Baby Girl Lynn which all parenting pro's know is a HUGE help! I can't wait for little baby to arrive so they can break in all their new gear. Plus I can't wait to get this little baby in my arms. I guess I'll share her with her mom and dad...a little. ;)
LOVE these girls so much.

Amber and Eric...I love you guys!!!
Can't wait for you meet your daughter and experience the awesomeness of being a parent!!

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