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Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Warriors


We made it through another very busy, but wonderful weekend.

We started the weekend off on Friday evening celebrating Honey and Uncle Jason's Birthdays as well as Mother's Day with Bryan's family. 

 The kids put on a "play" for us. 
It was interesting...

Honey will all of her grand-babies. 
Come October there will be another boy added to the mix. 
Maisie is going to be a big sister!

Saturday brought an early soccer game. The game was one of the toughest games the girls have played all season. The girls on the opposing team seemed to tower over our girls and seemed to be very well seasoned. The opposing team pretty much dominated our girls the first half with the score being 5-0. With that said, our girls stepped it up the second half and had at least 4 shots on goal and held the other team only to 2 more goals scored. So yea, they lost, but man did they play awesome the second half of the game. One more game next weekend and the soccer season is a wrap. Sadly Bryan and I will miss Sydney's last game because of the Great Strides walk.

 So...as you can see the other team was slightly taller than our girls!!
 About to bang the ball!
After the game we booked it home, shoveled lunch down our throats and got ready for Jordyn's dance recital. The big moment that Jordyn has waited for all year finally arrived. She was so beautiful dancing up on that stage!! I might be biased, but seriously I think she was one of the best dancers up there. That was such a mom thing to say wasn't it! Videos attached so take a look for yourself and see. :) Jordyn has decided she would like to try gymnastics so for now, it's a wrap on dancing. Part of me hopes she changes her mind because I think she would make a fine little dancer. 
Time will tell...

 Jordyn's Ballet Dance - she is in the middle of the front row. 


Jordyn's Tap Dance - she is in the middle of the front row.

Photos after the show...
 "Cool Dudes" pose

Sunday brought Mother's Day and a TON of rain. I was greeted with cards and gifts the kids picked out all on their own. They gave up their money to spend at the Dollar Store and bought me gifts instead. 
How special is that?! 
 Bryce got me some strawberry smelling wax melts.

 Jordyn got me a class dish with a candle. 
(This picture is awful of me, but good of Jordyn)

Sydney got me a ceramic container to put my rings in. 

After gifts and cards we headed out to church. It's not super fun trying to get the kids in and out of church in the pouring rain, but we did it. From church we switched cars with my mom who took the kids home while Bryan and booked it over to another church for a surprise vow renewal for our dear friends Bob and Lindsay. Lindsay surprised Bob for their upcoming anniversary.
 Bob was genuinely surprised and it was a lovely little service.
 "So...do you want to marry me again today??"

Look at those smiles...
Very special to both of them. 

Sunday evening my mom, dad and brothers came over for a little cookout to celebrate Mother's Day. 

We had a fun evening and more importantly it was nice to spend some time with my family. Getting my mom, dad and brothers together doesn't happen a lot so it was a wonderful way to round out the weekend.

 Happy Mother's Day!!!

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