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Friday, June 15, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 17

It's Friday so that means it was POOL FRIDAY! 

We had a nice little crowd join us today which made for a grand time. 

 Here are the kids playing with their new loot from the "Treasure Box". 
My mom keeps a box full of random little toys at her house so each time the kids visit they all get to pick something from the "Treasure Box". 
Huge hit with all the kids. 

 Elijah P. He has a great smile!
Big deal of the day...Miles played on the steps of the pool. 
He's a sit on the side lines kind of guy. :)
 Max. Always willing to let me take his picture!! Bless him. :)
 Is that a tiger or Miss Hannah? Aren't her pouty lips to die for!
 Noah is a professional water gun sprayer.
 Fallon and Jordyn taking a break for ice cream.
 Syd enjoys an ice cream as well.
And then there's this cute guy...blinding us with his white skin. Hehe.

And since it's Friday, the start of the weekend AND it's summer...

We had ice cream after dinner too. 


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