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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 21

Sydney joined me in an afternoon run to the Woodstock Market & Show to check on the Nature's Pine booth. All was well with the booth so we decided to make a quick stop by the thrift store to see what their books looked like.

We were in luck!

Here is our Thrift Store Score...

We got several Dr. Seuss books to add to our collection...they all look brand new. 
We found a book from Jordyn's summer reading list and 
Sydney found a few chapter books she had been wanting to read. 
Grand total for today's find: $13.00. 


And check out this guy! 

He recently figured out the whole pedal thing on his bike. 
He has always been able to pedal his big wheel, but couldn't pedal his bike.
He is officially a pro now and gets himself going pretty fast. 
The only thing he needs to worry about now 
is paying attention to were he is going! 

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