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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 28

After picking up Sydney from soccer camp we headed to a lunch date with the Howe girls, Ashley, Lauren and Lisa. We met the Howe girls at school and they are lovely little ladies. Ashely and Sydney were in the same class and Jordyn and Lisa were in the same class. Miss. Lauren is in-between the ages so all the girls play well together. We were all having such a good time together that we extended our lunch date to some play time at the park. 
Thank you for a fun afternoon ladies! Looking forward to seeing you again on Saturday at Sydney's birthday party.

 Syd and Ashley
 Jordyn and Lisa
Rock wallin' it.


After our afternoon play date we had a brief rest before heading out to gymnastics. Here's the bonus for me...
Uncle Andy came by the house early for dinner so he stayed at the house with Sydney and Bryce while I took Jordyn to gymnastics.
Why is that a bonus?
Well, because I didn't have to sit in the bleachers with Bryce for an hour so it was a total bonus!
Thanks Uncle Andy. :)

Since I didn't have Bryce with me I could focus more on Jordyn so I had a chance to snap a few photos of my baby girl. She has already improved in 2 weeks. I'm very impressed! 

Here she is doing a flip on the bar. 

This is her handstand. It needs some work. ;)

Here is a cartwheel. It's really improved. 
She has been doing cartwheels anywhere and everywhere.


After dinner we had some impromptu playtime with the Aidan, Bella and Lilly. As you know Aidan and Bella are moving Thursday and are spending the night with their grandparents tomorrow night so this was it! Our final after dinner playtime. The kids had a BLAST. It was the perfect way to send Aidan and Bella off to Virginia. Thanks Jill and Russ for having us over to use the water slide!

 Aidan. The face tells you how serious he was about sliding.
 Lilly gets major speed on the slide!
 Bryce flies down the slide too.
Bella-dawg looking cute as always.
I had to post this pic. 
Bryce sporting his European swim wear (thanks cousin Ethan!). Bryan hates this swim suit and I love it. Mind you the legs are bunched up making it look like a "banana hammock", but it's not. 
Doesn't he look like a little body builder?

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Gemma said...

Still amazes me how you guys fit so much in!!
Great photos as always and Bryce looks so healthy! Loving all the exercise :)