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Thursday, June 28, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 30

Happy Birthday to my bro, Joseph!! 
Also known as Joey, Lil Joe or Uncle Joey.

Me and Joe on what I think is his 3rd birthday.
 I'm pretty positive I've posted this picture before, 
but I love this picture I had to share it again.
Bam Joey!! 
Yep, that just happened. 
Here is the tough guy dressed as Strawberry Shortcake. 
He used to do a mean impression. 
"Helloooo. I'm Strawberry Shortcake" (in a girls voice). 
I would make him do this over and over and over again. 
I guess this is close to what Jordyn did with Bryce today when she dressed him up like Cinderella. 
And here is one from my 19th birthday. 
I'm posting this picture to try and embarrass him. 
Probably won't work, but I tried. 

Love you Joe and looking forward to your celebration tomorrow night. 

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