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Sunday, June 3, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 5

Next up on the agenda...Hollywood Studios. 

Did I mention it was Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios? 

Umm...yea. Bryan was so pumped. 
Okay, really, we were all pumped!

We had a FANTASTIC day at Hollywood Studios. We saw so many characters from the Star Wars movies, which was pretty sweet. Bryan was in heaven! We rode everything in the park, saw many Disney characters, watched some shows and had a delicious dinner at the 50's Prime Time Cafe' (one of our favorites to eat at). My favorite ride at HS is the Tower of Terror. I love it. The girls do not share my love for the ride and refused to go on it anymore after the 2nd time through. Thankfully my brave little man kept me company for the 3rd time on the ride. Bryce said he really liked the "up and down" ride. 

A perfect day was delivered by Hollywood Studios. I highly recommend visiting on a Star Wars Weekend (last 2 weekends in May and first 2 weekends in June). The park was crowded, but the rides and shows were not because majority of the people walking around were there strictly for the Star Wars stuff.

 As you walk in the park there were 4 Storm Troopers "greeting" everyone.
 This Storm Trooper looked right at me so I could take his picture.
 Our own little Darth Vader.
 The one and only - Darth Vader.
 This was Bryan and Darth's big moment. 
We couldn't believe no one else in line did this before it was our turn. 
It was a big hit!
 Toy Story time. We rode this at least 3 times. Love this ride!
 Unprompted posing. I love it!
Random, but do you want to hear my Star Wars gun noise?
Pew. Pew. 
Dead on...no?
 Syd and I goofing around while the others were taking a potty break.
Sydney's photography.
 Love Jordyn's pose!
 Appropriate don't you think?!
Again - unprompted posing. These kids are definitely mine. :)
 Look who's falling alseep in the middle of dinner...in the middle of chewing...
 And there he goes. So funny!
 Chewbacca and an Ewok.
 This was very exciting...for all of us!
 Finally we located a Storm Trooper to pose with. Bossy little booger too.
 The bad guys have their bounties. Bryce was in the clear since he had on his Vader shirt!
 Uh oh...now Daddy is a prisoner too.
 Taa-daa!! Me and my favorite.
 Behind us was a "Good Guys" vs "Bad Guys" dance off. 
Very entertaining! 
The Good Guys danced to I'm Sexy and I Know It. 
The Bad Guys (Vader and several Storm Troopers) did a dance to Smooth Criminal. 
They ended up winning. 
Clever Disney...very clever.
 Watching the dance off. Bryan is a strong stud. It's why I married him.
The crew enjoying the end of a spectacular day!!

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