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Saturday, June 30, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 32


We celebrated Sydney's upcoming 9th birthday celebration with with else...a pool party. She had a nice little crew join her for the celebration and a fabulous time was had by all.

 Our beautiful almost NINE year old!
Pre-party pictures of the kids is a requirement of mine. 
Just because you can never have too many pictures. 

 She requested a Peace themed party. 
Friends started to arrive and got straight to swimming.
 Uh oh...Uncle Jay makes BIG splashes.
Sydney got a little "help" from her Uncle Jay. 
 Sweet friends: Victoria, Lexi, Syd, Olivia, Erin and Ashley.
Silly friends!
 Dinner time!
 Cute boy.
 My mom and baby brother.
 Cake time!
 Happy Birthday to you...
The big moment...she got all NINE candles.
 After dinner and cake it was back to swimming. Bryan and Bryce gang up on Uncle Andy.
 Bryan, Uncle and Andy ganged up on everyone else!
 Emaline is plotting her move.
 Uh oh girls!!
 A triple cannonball!!!
 The girls (and Bryce) take their revenge with water guns!
Look at everyone having a fun time!
 Beautiful birthday girl.
 Victoria wasn't going to let him have that gun!!
Run!! Uncle Jay has the water hose. He is always up to no good!
Telling secrets.
 Drying off to get ready for presents!
 Opening a gift from her friend Ana who could not be at the party. T
he gift was mailed to her and she had no clue who it was from. 
She showed that box to EVERYONE for the past week!! 
The suspense was killing her and here she is finally opening the gift.
 While the girls watched Sydney open gifts, 
Mr. Miles was ready to brave the pool since it was empty! 
Smart guy. :)
 She has been asking for one of these and I had no clue what it was. 
Good thing her friends know all that stuff!
 Emaline and Syd...little friends since 3-year-old preschool.

Thank you to all the little ladies that joined us for the celebration. 
You helped make Sydney's birthday extra special. 

**We discovered after the party that the music CD's that were in the goody bags don't work.  I'm going to make a few more and work on getting those out to everyone. Sydney was so disappointed when she went to play hers and it didn't work. Total bummer!

And now the count down is on until 
our little lady officially turns 9. 

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