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Saturday, July 7, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 39

I have been putting off cleaning the kids rooms now for several weeks. 
I've been dreading the task. 
And yes, I did say I have been putting off cleaning their rooms. Our kids do clean their rooms, but not really the way I would like them cleaned. So my Saturday was filled with organizing, trashing, polishing, and vacuuming. Big thanks to my cousin Lisa for having the girls over for a play date all afternoon because I got a lot more accomplished with them not being in the house. This also aided in me getting rid of a lot more stuff! Also a big thank you to Uncle Andy for entertaining Bryce while I was finishing up the rooms.

I started on Jordyn's room first. Here are the before pictures. 
 The drawers were hard to open and close because the clothes were literally shoved in there.
 What you can't really see is all the loose beads 
all over the shelves of her bookcase. 
She has quite the collection of "knick-knacks" doesn't she.
Out of control closet. 
There were 35 pairs of shoes on the bottom of that closet. Some of my dresses are hanging in the back corner and on the other end are all of her winter dresses. 
The bin on top...full of winter shirts, sweaters and skirts. 
It's ridiculous. 

I forgot to take a photo of her unmade messy bed that had stuffed animals all over it.  
I'll let you imagine what it looked like.

And here is the fruit of my labor...
Same amount of "knick-knacks", but a little more organized. 
Oh and the shelves are now bead free!
 I would like to say there are not 35 pairs of shoes on the floor, but I can't. 
I did clean out several pairs; however, we cleaned out Sydney's closet so 
some of those shoes made their way to Jordyn's closet. :) 
Looks better though, no?!
Several stuffed animals made the journey to the basement, while others made a journey over the balcony to the pile on the floor below going to the Goodwill. 

I saved the room that needed the most work for last; Sydney's. This girl is a big time pack-rat. She keeps everything and nothing gets put away. It drives me crazy! Her room was such a mess I didn't even know where to start. 

Here are the before pictures...
 This corner has become a catch all for her random stuff.
 When I had Bryan make this shelf for her (idea from Pinterest
I never quite imagined it to look like this.
 It was way worse than the pictures really shows.
 Inside of closet.
Inside of armoire. Oh my.

And the after photos. 
These make me feel happy. :) 
 Haven't painted the chair to her desk yet.
 That's more like it!
 I wonder how long it will stay like this? 
I give it 2 days tops. :) 

And my niece Maisie benefits from the clean rooms... 
A bag of clothes and a bag of shoes!

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Sandy said...

Love that you are awesome at keeping up his summer with blog posts! Their rooms looke amazing. Nice job mama!