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Monday, July 9, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 41

We loaded up the kids after breakfast and headed to my dad's house so we could drop Bryce off with him for the day. From there we made our annual summer trip to Six Flags Over Georgia
The girls each earned a free ticket to Six Flags through their school by completing 6 hours of reading. Bryan ended up snagging a free ticket from a teacher at his school so that left us only having to purchase one ticket. 
Not too shabby. 

Six Flags was fun, but hot. We knew it would be hot, but oh my goodness it was HOT! The heat might have worked in our favor because the park was pretty dead. We didn't wait in line longer than 5 or 10 minutes so that was a bonus. 

 Baby girl holds on TIGHT!

I didn't take many photos because after we had lunch at the car I ended up leaving my camera and the little backpack we brought in the car. Why? Well because Six Flags won't let you take you take any type of bag in line on the bigger rides. They used to provide cubbies or shelving to put your belongings on while you were on the ride, but they have stopped doing that. Instead you have to purchase a locker located at each of the larger rides for $1.00 to keep your bag in. I realize this is just $1.00, but it's silly to buy a locker at each ride you go on. Keep that in mind when you head to Six Flags next time! 

And apparently I'm old because after riding about 4 rides I had to quit for the day. I felt sooo sick after riding Goliath that I knew if I rode one more ride I would lose my lunch. We have been home for several hours and I still feel off. 

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