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Thursday, July 12, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 44

Bryan got himself a new toy. 
Guess what it is? 
I'll give you a hint: It goes bang. 

Bryan got a new gun and wanted to take it to the range to fire off some shots. My dad, Uncle Andy and Miss. Sydney joined him for a morning full of guns. Sydney is interested in learning to shoot so this was a good trip for her to see what goes on at the gun range. She didn't shoot any guns this trip, but took pictures instead. 
Here is what she captured from her trip to the range...
shot through the observing glass. 

 My dad. He is "see through".
 Uncle Andy.
 Uncle Andy being Uncle Andy.
Random shot of a Camaro...sweet. 

Later in the day we got the chance to watch this little cutie while his mom ran to the store to pick up dinner. 

Mr. Hudson lives next door to us.

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