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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 50!

Day 50 already?! 
That was fast.
A little too fast. 

I originally planned to do a little video montage of summer pictures for our Day 50 post, but apparently I have used up all my storage on my Google/Picasa web albums account and I must now pay for more storage. At this point I can't even switch out the family photo on our blog page. Sigh. 

So since my original plan was a bust I decided I would take some fun pictures at the pool today; however, I never got around to that. I ended up taking advantage of the fact that Uncle Andy was at the pool with  us and got a head start on decorating for Bryce's birthday party on Saturday. 

With all that said, 
we do have a little excitement to share from our 50th day of summer...

Jordyn lost her first tooth!! 

Not sure if you can tell, but Jordyn already has 2 permanent teeth growing behind her front baby teeth. 
Isn't that weird?!

A very exciting moment for Jordyn, but I must admit I had a twinge of the "blues" ones the tooth was out. I have been secretly dreading Jordyn loosing teeth because once they start loosing teeth the last of the young look goes with the tooth. She has officially entered that stage everyone goes through where we have THOSE teeth. You know...that stage when a kid smiles and you are like "WHOA THERE TEETH". I was kind of hoping this stage would skip Jordyn. ;)

 Her other front bottom tooth is slightly wiggly. 
My guess it will be out soon as well since there is already a tooth behind it.

Her tooth has been very loose for a couple of days so I asked my mother-in-law (aka: Honey) 
if she could make Jordyn 

 Ask and you shall receive because I asked in the morning and by the afternoon Jordyn had herself an adorable tooth pouch. Thanks Honey...it's perfect!!

 I was nervous taking this picture because I didn't want to wake her up. 
She didn't even budge so I'm guessing baby girl is worn out.

Not a bad way to round out our 50 Days of Summer. 

We have a big weekend coming up as Bryce is celebrating his 4th birthday!! 
I'll have more pictures to post soon.

I hope everyone enjoys what is left of summer. 
School starts in 12 days. 

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