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Saturday, November 10, 2012

SANTA...We Know Him!

Yep...we already made our yearly trip to see the one and only Santa. You know how I like to get Santa when he is fresh in the season. I like to think that means he is a "less germy" Santa. Putting the germs aside there are a few reasons we see Santa early:

1. No line. Have you met Bryce? Waiting in line is not really his strong suit so I try to avoid line waiting with him as much as possible. No line also means we don't get rushed. The kids were the only ones there to see Santa so not only did Santa take his time with the kids, the photographer did too. 

2. We have always told the kids they can ask Santa for 2 reasonable gifts and that once they ask him for something they can't change their mind. I'm an early shopper so as soon as I hear what they ask Santa for it is purchased within a week. I tend to be a person that can't relax until my "to-do" list is clear so in order for me to really sit back and enjoy the holidays I like to get my shopping done early. 

Bryce asked Santa for a "loop-de-loop car thing" for the bathtub and a remote control Mustang. The remote control Mustang was a last minute request as he has been saying for weeks now he was going to ask for a DS.

Jordyn is a dream child because she rarely asks for much. She asked Santa for a Madagascar 3 DVD and a "stuffed animal with big eyes" (Ty Beanie Boo's..cost about $5.00 each). Like I said...dream child.

And last but not least, our Sydney asked for a Kindle Fire and a Furby. 

 I'm so excited about the upcoming holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I love it all! I can't wait to start decorating the house. I'm trying really hard to wait until the week of Thanksgiving, but I can't deny the fact that I'm ready to start now. I may or may not have already loaded our Christmas playlist onto my iPod so we can sing and be merry while we eat dinner.

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Unknown said...

Love the pics! Such a good idea to go EARLY. I have always been "afraid" to take Madeline to see Santa since he may be too germy. I am thinking we will try to go this week! Thanks for sharing!