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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Break ~ Break Down

I'm a little sad that Spring Break is over because we have thoroughly enjoyed the down time from our usual busy schedule. With that said, we are only 6 weeks away from the end of school. 

If you know me then you know I LIVE for summer.
 Makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Anyway this post isn't about my longing for summer it's about what the past week of Spring bliss was about. Nothing fancy planned other than relaxing and catching up on home projects. So here goes...

We started celebrating our week of freedom right away...as in right after school by meeting our friends, the Howe girls, at Menchies for delicious frozen yogurt.

That night the kiddos spent the night with Honey and Papa so Bryan and I were able to have a date night. I know I said I live for summer, but I also live for date nights with my man. The picture below is from Easter and not the spend-the-night, but I it's a cute picture so I figured why not share!

Our Saturday, Sunday and Monday were spent cleaning, painting and playing outside. Bryan cleaned out the garage and put the hardware on Bryce's new bed while I painted a chair for Sydney's room.  We also started painting our family room.
  This is Jordyn showing me how she can ride her bike down the "big hill" now. This actually scares me to death because Sydney crashed and burned on this hill last year and it wasn't pretty. Clearly I'm the only one scared by it because the girls think this is a blast. 

On Tuesday we figured the kids had been patient enouch with us working around the house so we took a trip to Zoo Atlanta along with everyone else in Atlanta. It was so crowed we almost turned around and came home, but after scoring a nice parking spot we decided to brave the crowds. Since we don't have to mess with a stroller it wasn't bad at all. We went to see our favorite animals and then called it a day. We have a zoo pass so it wasn't crucial for us to see every exhibit.
The zoo built a new viewing platform where the giraffes come right up to where you are standing and you can feed them. Of course we were a little early for feeding time, but definitely want to go back so the kids can do that. Okay - so Bryan and I can do it too. How cool is that?!
 This is a Red Panda. Looks like a fox and a bear mixed together.

On Wednesday we headed down to the Georgia Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to drop off approximately $4500.00 towards our Great Strides team. Bryan's school, Davis Elementary helped us raise $4000.00 this year so we were excited to turn that money into the Foundation. Bryan totaled up the funds that Davis Elementary has raised over the past 5 years and it's just over $29,000!! Amazing! Thank you to all the students, staff and parents for helping us with this fundraiser each year. Bryan and I truly appreciate it! Since we are on the subject - we are about 5 weeks away from this years walk so please consider donating, walking or both! Click HERE!
 This is how well our kids acted while visiting our Georgia chapter. It wasn't embarrassing at all.

Thursday was another work day. Okay really it was a work day for Bryan (painting around the house) because I went to have my hair done and then after that went to visit one of my best friends since high school, Erin, who had her first baby on Monday the 8th. Erin and Justin didn't know what they were having so it was exciting to hear that they were now parents AND exciting to learn that they had a baby girl! They named her Vivienne Ruth and she is perfect!

On Friday I had everyone dress back up in their Easter attire so we could retake our annual Spring pictures. The first round didn't turn out great so we redid them. 
We had much better luck this time around. 
 Sydney took this one!
We used a tripod for the family shots. Not bad!

 And of course we did a silly shot. This is what gets us the smiles in the other shots. The promise of being silly for all who smile. We have silly down pat!

On Saturday Bryan drove down to Atlanta to watch two of his old players scrimmage against each other at Georgia Tech. One plays for Tech and the other plays for Auburn. While he did that my dad drove up to the house for a visit. My dad suggested I take Bryce's training wheels off so I figured why not try it. Bryce was on board because I promised him if he didn't like it we could put the training wheels back on. I did you not, he hopped on the bike and took off like he has known how to ride a bike his entire life. My dad and I were shocked and just stood there laughing because we couldn't believe it. So our boy can now ride his bike with no training wheels at 4-1/2 years old! I'm so impressed and pretty darn proud of him. I posted a video for our family that aren't on Facebook. I'll spare the pictures since there is video. ;)

And that is it my friends. We went to church this morning and had lunch with Honey and Papa. Now we are all just relaxing around the house gearing up for school tomorrow. It's GAME ON tomorrow as far as our busy schedule goes. From now until the end of May our lives become quite crazy so this relaxing week was perfection. 

Happy Spring!

Love and hugs and stuff to all!

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