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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 47

Today was a "get it done day". I may not have finished everything I set out to finish today, but I definitely accomplished a lot which always feels good. 

I went to work for a few hours (www.naturespinefurniture.net), made some progress on getting some medical documents in hand for Bryce and his school, figured out what Sunday school class to put him in at church since we aren't sending him to kindergarten, went to the grocery store, made a yummy lunch, worked out, took Bryce to karate (while Bryan took Jordyn to tumbling and then they went to volleyball), worked on a sign for Bryce's room while him and Sydney rode bikes with the neighborhood kids and got all my consignment sale clothes organized by size and on hangers. 

Not a bad days work I would say. 

Hoping to get some painting done on Bryce's sign and get all my sale items entered into the computer. This process should go quickly since I have it all organized and ready to go. Then I have to tag them and let them sell. 
Bam...easy money! 

Click on the link below for a cute video of Bryce at karate this afternoon. This video is in my IG feed so hopefully the link will work. Bryce got to work with a bo, which was a special treat for his class since it's a basic class. I so wish I got his face on video when his instructor pulled those bo's out. I also would have loved to know what he was thinking at the time. My guess it went something like this: 
Best. Day. EVER!
At the end of the class he got a star patch to add to his "gi" (uniform). The patch represents courage for doing his very best during his first 3 classes. He was so excited! 

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

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