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Friday, July 26, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 49

Been a little bit of slacker on the blog the last 2 days. Mainly because I've been in party prepping mode for Bryce's party this weekend. I'm combing Day 49 into 2 days since there wasn't a whole lot going on the past 2 days. 

On Thursday Sydney spent the afternoon with her Honey. Sydney wanted to make a carrier for her Kindle so Honey helped her sew one. It's super cute and Sydney did a lot of the work...Honey helped with the hard stuff. :) 

On Friday we headed to the pool. Of course! It was a fun Pool Friday because we had so many friends join us. This actually might have been our last Pool Friday of the season depending on how school orientation goes next week. 

The kids wrapping up the day with a visit to the "Treasure Box". 

Our last day of 50 Days of Summer post coming up tomorrow. 
We are ending things with a birthday party!  

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