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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 2013 Clinic

A little quickie November clinic update for our peoples.
On Monday of this week we had our last clinic visit of 2013. Bryan took the day off of work to head down to Children's with us because he had some insurance questions he wanted to ask. It was so nice to have him with us for the visit. I could start complaining about our the "affordable" insurance options we get to choose from, but that my friends would make up it's own lengthy post so I'll skip the topic for another day.
Our boy gained 3 pounds since August clinic. I couldn't believe it! This news shocked me since Bryce hasn't cooperated much in the way of eating lately. He really doesn't ever cooperate, but lately seems to be even more so. This weight gain and the little growth he had put him at 70% BMI!! Not bad...not bad at all!
Bryce had x-rays this clinic and as much as I would have loved to shown you a picture of him all ready to get his x-rays I didn't get to take one. The technician running the x-rays said it was a HIPPA violation to take a picture of him. I found this odd since it was MY kid I was taking a picture of. I didn't press the issue, but seriously...lame.  Bryce got to see the x-rays, which he found totally "awesome". I wish I could have seen them, but the tech wouldn't let me since she said she had other patients information sitting on her desk.
Bryce blew PFT's and blew 16% lower than last time. None of the team seemed too concerned since he is younger and still really new to blowing into the machine, but it slightly stresses me out.  Over the weekend I noticed Bryce was starting to cough a decent amount in the mornings and in the evenings so I started him on breathing treatments. His pulm doc said his lower number could be due to the cough so she wants breathing treatments twice daily now and if the coughing persists over a week we are going on antibiotics. We are also waiting on his culture results so hopefully those don't have any surprises in them. He is having sinus issues, but that is his norm for this time of year. We are doing our daily nasal rinses and Flonase routine to help with the sinus congestion.
And that's it. Nothing super exciting this visit. I like non exciting visits because it means things are going smoothly. I should have the culture results by next week so pray that those are normal and clear.
 Next clinic is scheduled for February 3, 2014!

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