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Sunday, December 8, 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Try try again.

Ha. Ha.

Wanted to share some of the family photos we took for our Christmas card. I started planning our picture day in early September. I had to schedule around soccer, birthday parties, football games and volleyball games so hence why I had to plan so early. First weekend in October was pretty open schedule wise so we went through the mad dash of getting everyone ready for the photos and got ourselves out the door on time in order to catch the perfect light. As we pulled into the park location (we took our photos at Rope Mill Park this year...along with everyone else it seems) I open up my camera bag to find: NO CAMERA.
Seriously Jenny?!
I was pretty mad at myself because I'm typically a better planner than that. The first round of photos were a bust because by the time we got the camera the lighting was too dark and I didn't want to use a flash. The next day there was a break in our schedule so I got everyone ready again and we rushed back to the park. While I'm taking individual photos of the kids it starts sprinkling and then turned into a full on rain shower. Awesome. I did get some good shots of the kids, but still no family picture.
With some encouragement from my mom I reluctantly got everyone ready a THIRD time for family photos the next weekend. The kids and I were ready to go and patiently awaited Bryan to get home from volleyball matches. Once he was ready we rushed out the door again only to arrive at the park along with pretty much all of  Woodstock High School who were there for home coming pictures. It was pretty crazy, but we decided to try despite the herd of people there. Third time proved to be the charm because we finally got a few family photos. Each year I dread and love our family photos for the Christmas card. I dread them because it is a lot of work and I love them because I enjoy seeing the outcome, which is never how I have it pictured it my head and that is okay. Our fall family picture is also the picture I have blown up to a 20 x 30 print, which hangs in our dining room.
Here are my favorites...

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