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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Love 2014

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter. I love Easter weekend. It is by far one of my most favorite weekends of the year. We went to the 3:00 service at our church on Saturday. It was an awesome service as expected. You could feel the excitement...the energy in the sanctuary. The kids sat with us during the service because I felt like Easter service is definitely one they should listen to. They did great, but we started losing them towards the end. After the service we headed outside to take a few photos. None of us were really into photos because it was slightly cold outside so we hurried through to get home for dinner with my parents and one of my brothers. 

The next morning we gave the kids their Easter baskets. We don't do the Easter bunny thing at our house so the kids know the baskets are from Bryan and I. While Bryce was on the vest I made some resurrection rolls. I saw the idea on Pinterest and decided to try it. Next time I'll let the kids help so they can understand the significance. Tasty little boogers. I must admit it was so nice to enjoy a relaxing morning together because that is something we rarely get to do these days.

We headed out to Bryan's cousin's house for a late lunch. We had such a great time hanging out with his family, but the highlight of the day was watching the kids hunt for eggs. The egg hunt was pretty epic since we had over 200 eggs for the kids to find stuffed with candy, money and prize tickets. We ended up staying much later than expected so by the time we got home it was time to start getting things ready for school the next day.

This family makes some good looking kids. 
Just sayin'. 

 This is Shepard. He is dreamy...even with chocolate face. 

 Sydney worked for that egg!

 Jordyn's method...grab while scoping. 

This face says it all. Egg hunting is serious business. 

 I caught Maisie just before she took off again. 

 My lovely Jordyn. 

 Ethan's hunting style...look for the prize eggs. He ended up with 3 of them!

 Big money in the house. Bennett found one of the $2.00 eggs. 

Bryce got a $2.00 egg also!

 Sydney pulled in some dough as well. 

 Maisie found a sliver egg with quarters inside. 

Clearly India is an egg hunting master. She racked up!

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