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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Wrap Up

So one minute it's the start of August and the next thing you know it's September. 

Just wanted to share photos from the last few weeks because I know you guys are dying to see more pictures of our exciting rock star lifestyle.

This is the end result of the first 4 days of school. The boy who never naps fell asleep shortly after getting home. That first week back was rough getting into the swing of things. Bryce is loving kindergarten. He loves it so much he can't stop talking while he is there. That includes talking over the teacher when she is teaching so we are currently working on controlling our talking in class. 
Does this surprise any of y'all?!


After our first week of school Sydney had her first weekend of soccer play. Her team was entered into the Nike Cup tournament. The girls played 11 v 11 on a full size field for the first time ever. They got killed, BUT they played great. Turns out the two teams they played were ranked pretty high in the state so I was proud of how well they did. I was also thrilled when it rained all night and flash flooding occurred at the tournament site so games were cancelled on Sunday. We were so beat from that first week of school so we welcomed the cancellation. WE as in Bryan and I...Sydney wasn't thrilled about not getting to play. 
Look at our girl holding her own!


After a LONG day of soccer we headed to mom's to celebrate y dad's birthday. We were over an hour later than expected so it was nice that everyone waited on us to arrive before they celebrated. 
Jordyn and Syd giving Pop his birthday spankings!

 Y'all look...my baby brother glows in the dark! 

Trying to run on water. 


After another full week of school and soccer practices we had a "free" weekend! Nothing on the schedule so we of course hit up the pool and thankfully we had friends join us. Sydney and Jordyn set up a spa for the day, which was really great.
The spelling on their sign could have used a little work though. 


Bryce and Jordyn enjoyed playing in the rain after school. Jordyn has been asking to do this all summer and she finally got to do it. 

Towards the end of the month we celebrated Bryan's 39th birthday. We actually celebrated it twice, but I completely spaced on taking photos of the first celebration at his parents house. 
 Yep...there are 39 candles.  

 Funny "fart" card.

 Clearly Sydney found it hilarious!

 While Sydney was eating her pizza she lost a tooth. This was tooth number 13. A few days later she lost tooth number 14 (not pictured). She is getting close to putting the tooth fairy out of business. 


On the last Friday in August Jordyn had a friend over after school. I can't tell you guys how excited she was about this play date. She had her friend Meghan over and the girls ended up having themselves a delightful afternoon and evening. The play date included playing outside, playing Wii, eating dinner, having ice cream, playing outside some more and locking the car keys in Meghan's mom's car. Whoops. Thankfully the problem was resolved quickly with the help of road side assistance through insurance. In the end it gave the girls longer to play together so it was all good to them.
 Look at these beauties. What sweet friends!




Last but not least I'm going to include a few pictures from our Labor Day celebration. The last pool shindig of the summer. It was a smaller crowd than usual, but we still had ourselves a great time. I can't believe summer is officially over. Of course it's still in the 90's here, but with soccer in full force for all 3 kids there won't be any weekends open to hit up the pool until next year. Gulp. 
This cutie got to hang with us. Vivi is giving me the "Why do you keep taking my picture" look here. 

 We also got to hang with Mr. Handsome...aka Parker.

 Parker is giving me the stink eye because he did not want me to put my arm around Lindsay when we took the above picture. He kept saying no. LOL!

It's okay because all was forgiven when I asked him for a kiss.

September is underway and already moving right along. The best part of September is fall break because that means VACATION time is coming. 
10 days until family vacation starts. 


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