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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

V is for VACATION: Part 4

Wednesday morning we headed to the Magic Kingdom. 
It was expected to rain, but never did. Due to the overcast it was not as hot as it had been the days prior which was nice. Since the weather called for rain we left the camera in the room and decided to use our cell phones and Memory Maker. I'm telling you...the Memory Maker is the way to go. Not lugging a camera around the park was really nice and we still got some cute shots of the kids. The day flew by and we fit everything we wanted into the day...several of our favorites we did more than once! 


 As we entered in the park there was a DOUBLE rainbow. It was so pretty. I wish I had captured the whole thing in one photo. 

 I mean really...from the front gate all the way to the castle...how cool!


 Space Mountain Salute!
 Space Mountain Surprise Face...Jordyn decided to sleep through it. ;)

We just couldn't get enough of Space Mountain!

 She was asking the girls if Bryce was part porcupine because his hair was pointy.

 This is one that I skip. Since having babies I just can't do the spin around in a circle really fast thing. It just doesn't work for me anymore.

 999 Happy Haunts live here...

Yah for Jessie! First time we have seen her.


 Splash Mountain - so bummed Jo's face was covered up. 

 New ears. 

THIS was a big deal for Jordyn. She LOVES Anna!
We did a FP for Anna and Elsa, which is the way to go. We literally walked up and then straight back to see them. No wait what-so-ever!

 Jordyn's face. The best. 

The end to a fantastic day!

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