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Friday, October 17, 2014

Baby Girl is NINE!

Happy 9th Birthday to our Jordyn!

Another year under her belt and still as cute and sweet as ever. She is growing into the most delightful young lady. She is smart and funny..like really funny! She is caring, selfless and compassionate. She is a friend to all and always puts others before herself. She is sensitive and comes across shy at first, but when she gets comfortable the girl is an entertainer. We are so proud of her and look forward to seeing what her 9th year of life has in store for her. 

We love you so so so sooooo much Jo!

Silly Girl!

This morning the birthday girl started her day off with breakfast goodies and presents! Bryan has to walk about the door by 6:45 so it was a whirlwind mini celebration. She is having a birthday party at Sky Zone tonight with her girlfriends from school.

 The Super Fabulous Birthday Girl!

 The "Oh!" face over a box of Justice goodies from Sydney.

 Jordyn loves to hug...Sydney not so much. Thanks for being a good sport Sydney. BTW, Jordyn laid a big kiss on Sydney's cheek after this photo. It was pretty funny although Sydney didn't think so.

 Monkey Lego Friends from Bryce!

 Elsa and Anna flip doll from dad and mom!

 The happy happy happy birthday girl!

Hugs for daddy just before he rushed out the door to work.

I am participating in a 65 hours of social media silence for Cystic Fibrosis awareness so I'm trying keeping this post short and sweet. I guess posting a blog is technically breaking the rules, but I couldn't let my girl's birthday go by without making a fuss! Of course a birthday post wouldn't be complete without a few throwback photos. 

Uncle Joey gave her this guy on her first birthday. 
This is where her obsession with  monkeys started.

I could go through pictures all day, but I must stop. So much  to do today. 
Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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