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Monday, November 10, 2014

What A Weekend!!

First up: SANTA!!! 
(I know him!)

Had to do it. Who doesn't love to quote the movie Elf from the start of November to the end of December? Maybe not everyone, but at this house we quote it A LOT!

After Sydney got home from school on Friday I had the kids put on their "Santa Outfits" and we headed to see the Man In Red. You all know I like to hit up Santa early in the season for so many reasons. One of those is that we don't get rushed through the visit. The kids sat with Santa and talked for a good 10 to 15 minutes.

The kids asked him a few questions: How do you get to all the way around the world in just 24 hours?  What is your favorite cookie? (Apparently there isn't a cookie that Santa doesn't like!)  How do you get down the chimney if a fire is going? They learned that Donner and Blitzen are brothers. Their names are German which translate to:  Thunder and Lightening. They also learned that a reindeer's favorite food is oatmeal with a little sugar sprinkled on top.

I had my camera on the sports setting (shocking right?) and that wasn't the best idea because my pictures turned out dark, but the one that Santa's helpers took was fantastic. This might be my favorite picture yet!


After dinner we kept with tradition and ate at Cracker Barrel. It was so tasty and the best part besides the biscuits was they had lima beans so it was really a winner of a night for me. 

Saturday was full of soccer. 
A day full of soccer? 
I know, I know. So hard to believe that we had a day full of soccer. My mom was playing a festival with her washboard band so Bryan and I had to split up for the day. I took Bryce and Jordyn to their last games of season at our home fields while Bryan drove Sydney to Paulding county for 2 games. The last games for Jordyn and Bryce turned out to be rather exciting. Jordyn's game was first up. She scored 3...that's THREE goals. This isn't the first time she has scored 3 goals in a game, but it was the first time I got to see it with my own eyes. I even caught the first goal on video. Click HERE to see the short video. Her team won their last game which meant they went undefeated the entire season. Way to go Blitz!!

 THAT is another goal! 
Had such force on it the keeper was like... "Oh heck no I'm not trying to stop that!"

After a quick run for lunch we headed back to the field for Bryce's game. I am so happy to say that Bryce scored his first goal!! It was a legit goal too meaning it was a solid kick. None of that slow roll into the goal. Y'all I wish I had gotten it on video because his face was about the most adorable thing I have eve seen. I really loved how excited everyone was for him. He was on cloud 9. I was so happy for him. After his game he was presented with a patch for scoring his first goal and he also received his first ever medal. He is so proud of that medal...he wore it to church on Sunday!

 He had 2 shots on goal and this was the first one, which hit the side of the goal and bounced outside the goal. I missed the 2nd shot because I was too busy yelling and watching and then going crazy when the ball went in the goal. His face y'all...it was priceless!! I'll remember it forever!

 Those legs are moving!


I don't have any photos from Sydney's Saturday games since she was across town with Bryan. Our girl scored a goal in the first game. Her team ended up winning that game 1 to 0 so that was pretty exciting news to hear. Bryan said she was running like the wind the entire game. I wish I could have seen her play, but I learned quickly this season that I can't be in 3 places at once. Let me take a moment to give my mom a shout out because she has been very helpful this season, especially while volleyball season was going and Bryan wasn't able to help me out. 

Sydney played another two games on Sunday. These games were really fun to watch and ALL the girls played AMAZING! I tell you guys, if you ever want something to do on the weekends you should come out and cheer these girls on.


Bryce and Jordyn are both finished with soccer for the season, but Sydney still has another 2 weeks. She has a tournament next weekend at our home fields. The schedule isn't ideal so if you want to come watch you have to either come at 9:20 am or 5:30 pm on Saturday OR 9:20 am or 6:00 pm on Sunday. I wasn't expecting such a late game on Sunday, which has put a damper on us getting together with our small group...again. I'm hoping they won't kick us out off the group. (I kid!)
She then plays in the SSA tournament at Braly fields in Paulding county the following weekend. THEN the club season is over, which means no more Sunday games for a while. Woohoo. 
Syd is trying out for the middle school team on November 20th so we will see what comes of that soon I guess. 

I really am a full on soccer mom minus the mini van (thankfully). Ha! 
Loving (almost) every minute of it!

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