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Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's a Carter Christmas...Eve.

Christmas Eve arrived and we headed off to church for a 3:00 service. It was one of the best Christmas Eve services our church has done. It was FUNNY...like really funny, which it takes a lot for me to say something is super funny. 
The service also had a great message and as usual it was a "Christmas Miracle" that our pastor kept the service to an hour. It was actually an hour and 5 minutes, but who's counting. ;)

After church we zipped back to the house to prepare our traditional Breakfast for Dinner feast. My mom, dad and brothers always join us on Christmas Eve and I look forward to this evening every year. It's always full of lots of laughs. Most of my crew can be pretty funny people. This year we had a bonus guest, which was awesome. Joey's lovely lady, Katie, joined us in our Christmas Eve shenanigans and we loved having her with us. Not to put any pressure on anyone, but we REALLY loved having Katie join us and hope this is far from her last Christmas Eve with us. I won't lie, I was pretty pumped to have another fabulous funny girl in the mix. Do you guys get my drift? Am I coming on too strong? 
A risk I'm willing to take. 

Okay...moving on...

The rest of the evening was a blur. Yummy food, gifts and a lot of patience for family photos. T
hen it was Christmas pajamas and bed time to get ready for SANTA!! 

The battery powered singing and moving Christmas themed animal gift lives on. 
Pop Sr. would be so proud.

 She has been asking and asking for one of these!

 She could wear this for next year's Christmas Eve feast prep. 
Just sayin'. 

 A "Bug Out Bag".  
We are ready for the zombie apocalypse...or whatever else comes our way. 

I am pretty pumped about my new trash can! 

 She's fun. 

I'll end with this. Little brother just let one go on Sydney. 
(For my fellow CF parents you KNOW how that smells!) 
I just love the reactions.
Jordyn is laughing hard because it wasn't her. 
Sydney is mortified, but trying not to loose it like she normally would since it's Christmas Eve and Santa is coming. 
Bryce is proud of himself. 

These 3 make life so much fun!

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