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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mom's The Word.

Better late than never.

True to form for us Joneses Mother's Day weekend was, oh, what's the word....


We kicked the weekend off with a Mother's Day / Birthday celebration with Honey and Papa. Jordyn had a make up soccer game that night, but she played hookie so we could spend time with the birthday girl. Family, pizza and cake for the Friday night win!

The next day we got up bright and early for one seriously long day of soccer. The problem was our kids had soccer games at the same time in 3 different places so we had to divide and conquer. Sydney hitched a ride with a team mate to Fayetteville for a tournament. My mom took Bryce to the home fields for the first of his back to back games, while Bryan and I drove up to Jasper for Jordyn's game.
Jordyn's team dominated their game 12 to 2. The last few games of the season the girls just clicked and started playing some pretty great soccer. Jordyn scored 2 goals during this game.


While Jordyn was playing her game, Bryce was playing his first game, which they won. After Jordyn's game we booked it back to the home fields to catch Bryce's 2nd game. They were down a few players in the 2nd game and it was blazing hot. Although the boys played hard (with no subs no less) they lost. I was so proud of how hard they played. It's not easy playing games back to back when it is that hot and humid.


From there we dropped Jordyn and Bryce off with Honey and Papa so they could enjoy the rest of their day instead of driving across town for more soccer. Bryan and I made the trek to Fayetteville to catch Sydney's last game of the day. We got there about 20 minutes before the start of the game...it was around 3:45 at this point. The girls tied the first game we missed 1 to 1 and they tied the second game 1 to 1. The game we saw was SO exciting! Sydney assisted in the goal scored. Woohoo!


On Mother's Day we pulled ourselves out of bed to head back to Fayetteville for more tournament play. I know some of you are thinking...soccer on Mother's Day? No thanks. I was totally okay with soccer on Mother's Day. I absolutely love watching Sydney's team play so I was more than happy to spend my morning cheering on this group of girls with a great group of parents. My mom was so sweet and skipped church so she could join us too.  


Sadly, the girls lost the game 2 to 0 and were knocked out of the tournament. We had planned our day around the possibility of playing the finals, but with the change in schedule brought a nice change of plans. We headed to mom's house for some pool time with the family. Instead of going out to dinner Bryan and Joey did some grocery shopping and grilled out for everyone. It ended up being a lovely little day and evening. I thought it was quite perfect so this mom was a happy girl!

 I don't even know...
 BTW...I'm wearing my mom's skirt as a cover up.
 And I love the fact this girl is a silly as me. 
At the very end of the day I finally had time to sit down and see what my babes gave me for Mother's Day. It was a long, but really perfect day.

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