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Thursday, December 3, 2015

This Is Forty

This year was a big birthday year for Bryan and I. We both turned 40. Back on August 26th Bryan celebrated his 40th and I recently celebrated my 40th on November 21st. For all of you who haven't reached this momentous milestone I have good news. I don't feel old.  (Well...most of the time)! 
Such a relief! 

The kids and I celebrated Bryan's birthday with him on his actual birthday and then we had a little party for him in early September with some family and friends. We had to plan around volleyball and soccer so our options of open dates were very limited. 

 Funny "You're Old" cards from the kids. 
Sydney with the Obama card...because she is a huge fan (haha).

 My attempts at embarrassing Bryan. 

 Not ONE person honked at him when he drove to the dentist. I was super bummed. 

Way back in January of this year we decided we wanted to go on a cruise to celebrate our big birthdays so we booked a cruise over Thanksgiving since there is no volleyball that week. The cruise set sail on November 21s, my birthday! Even better - we had company join us on the cruise. My brother Joey and his girlfriend Katie cam along too. I would love to tell you guys the cruise was amazing, but it really wasn't. The food was awful and the weather wasn't ideal, BUT the company was fantastic and it was nice getting a break from our usual daily grind. We have been on Royal Caribbean cruises before and loved them...this cruise was definitely disappointing. Hopefully we didn't turn Joey off to cruising since this was his first cruise. We came home on Thanksgiving Day made it home in time to have a delicious meal with the family. It was nice to have good food!! 

 We got on the boat as soon as they let people board. About 2 hours after getting on the boat it started to rain and then rained through the night. 

First day at sea - it didn't rain until later in the day so that was nice!

 Formal night. Our pictures didn't turn out very good. 

Our brief time in Belize. We walked around for about 30 mins and decided to go back to the boat. We literally took off our cover ups just to take this photo before heading back to the ferry. We wanted proof that we were there. Ha!
 We played Classic Rock Trivia - tied for 1st, but then lost the tie breaker. Not because of a wrong answer, but because we didn't write fast enough. 

 What TV show is this from?? 

I watched the sunrise a few mornings from our balcony when it wasn't raining. It was lovely.

Joey snorkeling in Cozumel. 

 Bryan snorkeling in Cozumel. He ended up finding 2 really awesome shells. They are currently stinking up our garage. 

 Fun people. Favorite people. 

Our walk back to the ship in the rain. Our ship was the bigger one on the left. The green bag had knit UGA backpacks for the kids. Our haggling paid off. 


So - we are back home and Over The Hill and back to the usual daily grind. It's not so bad. I enjoyed my time with Bryan, but am happy to be back home with our kiddos. 
Ready to start the Christmas festivities!!

**I updated this post since I spelled forty wrong. That's what happens when you blog while sick and don't proof read. I swear I know how to spell. Well...most of the time!

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