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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What A Weekend!!

Bryce update at the end!

Saturday morning started off with 2 early soccer games at the home fields. One for Jordyn and one for Bryce. This weekend was the start of regular season play for all three kids. Bryan had a sand tournament at his home courts on Saturday, but thankfully his games didn't start until lunch time on so he was able to watch Bryce's game while I was watching Jordyn's game. Jordyn's game started a little earlier than Bryce's so I was able to see the last 5 or 10 minutes of Bryce's game.

Later in the afternoon my mom, the kids and I headed out to Douglasville for Sydney's season opener game. The game was fun to watch and the girls came away with a WIN to start the season 2 to 0. Since Sydney plays Select soccer it matters if her team wins or loses. Rankings are done through the state and at the end of the season the top two teams move up to the next division and the bottom two teams have to move down a division. So winning is definitely the goal.

 How great is this picture?
Photo credit goes to Chuck Flagg (I think).

On the way home from Sydney's game we ran into some thick traffic...shocking! We ended up getting off at Six Flags to take back roads towards Smyrna. This turned out to be perfect because right about the time I got off the highway I get a phone call from my brother Joey informing me that he just POPPED THE QUESTION and asked Katie to marry him!! I knew he was picking the ring up on Saturday, but I had no idea he was going to make it official so fast. The kids were cheering and my mom was jumping up and down in her seat. We were so thrilled by the news. Just so happens that we were headed in their direction thanks to traffic so we swung by the house to give them hugs and check out the ring. We could not be more thrilled to have Katie joining the family. She fits in perfectly with our silly and crazy crew.


On their way out to celebrate!

Sunday's schedule was nuts. Bryan went to church with Sydney and Bryce while I took Jordyn to a soccer game in Milton. This was such an exciting game to watch. The game ended in a tie, but the girls dominated as far as ball control and possession. The other team was basically chasing our passes the whole time. It is so fun to see U10 girls understanding how soccer is played. The other team got a lucky shot about a minute before the final whistle so that was a bummer, but overall it was a really awesome game. Jordyn played in beast mode. She got knocked down a few times, elbowed and she tripped on her own feet at one point, but got up every time and kept playing. I was so proud of her for being so tough. She was pretty jazzed after the game with good reason. She did amazing.

From Jordyn's game we booked it back to the home fields to catch Sydney's game. My mom got Sydney and Bryce from church since Bryan had volleyball. Mom dropped Sydney off at her game before heading to a mission trip meeting at the church. Bryce went with my mom because he had his 1st grade bible presentation at the church that evening. He was going to have to miss this, but my mom offered to take him so that was very nice and helpful. I have a video of Bryce getting his bible, but it's on my mom's phone. Once I get my hands on her phone I will upload it to Youtube.

Sydney's game had been going for about 15 minutes when we arrived. Our girls were up 1 to 0. I hadn't even been at the field for 5 minutes, when Sydney scored a goal!!!! I made it just in time to see her score so that was pretty fantastic. The girls ended up winning 2 to 0. They beat Concord Fire, which is a big deal. This team has beaten them continually the past few years so it was fun to watch the girls come out on top this time. They out played the other in every aspect of the game. So proud of how far these girls have come so fast. Big props to Coach Patrick for all the hard work he has put into the team and to the girls for putting the work in. Overall a great weekend of play for the U13 team. Two wins...both shut outs to start off the season!! I know it's just the first weekend of play, but it is fun to see their team name in first place in the rank standings for Athena C West.

This photo made me giggle. Sydney was shielding the ball until it went out of bounds. She was not going to let that girl past her to get the ball. I am in serious need of a zoom lens. Sydney plays on a full size field so it's harder to get good shots of her when she is on the opposite side of the field. A zoom is next on my list of lenses.

After the games we headed home so I could finish prepping Jay's birthday dinner. The family came over in the evening to celebrate baby brother Jay turning 29. So many things to celebrate and be thankful for this weekend. It was such a busy weekend and the work it took to get through it was a lot, but I would do it all over again if I had to. Definitely top notch all around!


Bryce Pseudomonas update.

It took insurance 4 days to approve the prescription for Bryce's Tobi. Not sure why it took so long, but I was happy to finally get the call last Friday from the pharmacy to set up delivery. I ended up nicely pushing for Saturday delivery because I was told on the phone that the earliest we would have the medication was Tuesday. That didn't make me happy since we were hoping to have the medicine by Friday in the first place. Thankfully after some time sitting on hold my request for Saturday delivery was approved. We started Tobi on Sunday morning. Three day down...25 more to go! 

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