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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday...Mate.

This year for Bryce's 8th birthday we not only celebrated the birthday boy, but we celebrated our dear friends, the Pitoniak family. If you guys remember my friend Casey and her crew moved to Australia a year ago for her husband's work so to have them in town visiting home at the same time we were throwing Bryce's party was pretty perfect.

The kids had a blast swimming together right up until the bottom fell out. The rain ended up cutting our evening short, but none-the-less a good time was had by all. I wish I had more time to visit with my favorite girls because I miss the days of hanging out with them on hours end at a moments notice, but a little time is better than no time. 


 I love this photo because all the kids are looking so intensely at this awesome Nerf gun. 

 The Mullinax Boys!

 The lovely Castle Girls!

 These two. Both the youngest of three. They get along so well and they are both so darn cute.

Cousin Maisie. And can I just say that Mae looks like a mini brunette version of her mom here. 
So pretty. 

 The Pitoniak Boys...our Aussie mates.

 Love these sweet Howe Girls!

Group Shot!

 My sweet friend Casey and her little lady Hannah. I can't believe this girl lives on the opposite side of the world. The good news is they will be moving back home in a year. 

These girls are some of my most favorite people ever. 
We were missing a few that couldn't make it, but the fact we had 5 of us in a photo is pretty fantastic.

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