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Monday, October 17, 2016


Happy 11th birthday Jordyn!!

Our sweet, super funny, smart, hard working and oh so beautiful baby girl is ELEVEN today! This girl is everything I described and more. She shines light every where she goes! Jordyn is such a blessing and I am so very thankful that I get to be her mom.

I would like to say we have something exciting planned for today, but it's business as usual: school, soccer and Bryan has volleyball. Jordyn wanted to open her gifts this morning before Bryan left for work so we did that quickly and then we enjoyed a nutritious breakfast of cheese danish and cinnamon rolls. Hopefully the week moves quickly because she is patiently waiting for her skating birthday party this weekend.

Sydney wrote Jo a sweet card and gave her Starbucks gift card. Sydney did all of this on her own so it really meant a lot to Jordyn (and made my mom heart want to explode). 

And...of course a little throwback to baby Jordyn because little Jordyn pictures are way too cute not to share.

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