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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall Break Stuff

Our fall break was spent close to home. Bryan teaches in a county over from the kids so his fall break and the kid's fall break don't line up, which is a bummer. 

While Bryan was working we did manage to have some fall break fun. The first day of break we went skating, which was made even better by the fact that it was free. Free skating fit nicely into my budget. Ha!


Tuesday the kids headed out for an afternoon with Honey and Papa. They went to Jumping World and Steak N Shake. On Wednesday Bryce went with a soccer friend to Adventure Air. While he was jumping the girls and I returned a dress to the mall, we might have bought a few clothing items and had Gigi's cupcakes for dinner. It's fall break so cupcakes for dinner is perfectly fine!

Thursday we headed to the North Georgia State Fair. We hit up opening day and that ended up being a great day to go because it was free admission (notice a trend here) and it wasn't crowded at all. The best part is we ended up running into my girl Dr. Lindsay and her crew. Such a great surprise!




 The kids are on there somewhere!

That was about it for the kid's break. Friday was a lazy day at home and then the weekend was spent at soccer games. More on soccer to come. So much soccer going on currently!

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