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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

September Soccer Stuff

School. Soccer. School. Soccer. School. Off. School. Soccer. School. Sometimes Soccer. Games. Games and more Games.

This is what our typical week looks like. We like to keep busy around here. Regular season soccer has been going strong since the beginning of September and typically games are in 3 different places. I wish I could be at every single game for the kids, but being in 3 places at once isn't one of my super powers. We have been dividing and conquering most weekends. Here are some shots from the past month.

 This photo was taken by a fellow soccer parent.


 What a save Syd!!

The below pictures were all from Sunday October 1st. I figured I would throw these in with September since I'm posting.

 Bryce has had some awesome games as keeper. He's doing a great job!

 You can't tell due to the angle, but the ball went just outside the net! Nice save.

 Eyes on the ball. The look of determination!

 Photo credit: Chuck Flagg

Syd with a goal!
Photo credit: Chuck Flagg

 Photo credit: Chuck Flagg

Photo credit: Chuck Flagg

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