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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Happy 13th Birthday to Jordyn!! 

We officially have another teenager in the house. I am not sure how we got here so fast, but we did. I feel like it was just yesterday she was toddling around the house with a pacifier in her mouth. My heart is always full of different feels on these big milestone moments in the kid's lives. It's a mix of a little sadness, a little fear, a bunch of happiness, hopefulness and excitement. 

Jordyn is something else. She seems to excel at everything she does, which isn't surprising considering what a hard worker she is. Jordyn has a beautiful heart and she loves Jesus. She is kind, gentle and generous...unless she is on the soccer field. The girl can hold her own in a battle on the soccer field. She is dedicated to her school work and strives for high grades. She is extremely funny and an amazing artist. She is a great sister and a wonderful daughter. 
Y'all she is the total package and we couldn't more proud of her. 

We wish you a smooth journey navigating the tricky, but exciting teen years Jordyn. We know you will soar and we can't wait to come along for the ride. 
Keep being YOU!

We took advantage of our soccer free evening last night and took Jordyn out for birthday dinner. She loves pasta so we went to Olive Garden. Afterwards we came home for 13 gifts and cookie cake. This weekend she is having a few friends over for a sleep over party complete with a sushi dinner (her favorite). 

 She had her favorite Ben & Jerry's Phish Food waiting for her.

Here are a few of my favorite throwback photos of Jordyn. 

And to keep this Jordyn post going...

The first weekend in October Jordyn went to the Homecoming dance. She went with a group of friends and had an awesome time. Here are a few pictures of our girl all dressed up! 

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