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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

September Soccer Stuff

Looks like I let September slip by with no update. September was full of soccer. 
So much soccer. 
I know this doesn't surprise anyone.

First up let's chat about Sydney's u16 team. These ladies are playing some awesome soccer thus far. They have played 6 games so far and won all of them except one, which ended in a 0 to 0 tie.  They have a big game this Sunday (10/14) against Savannah United, which is the other undefeated team so I'm expecting this to be a pretty exciting game to watch. If you want to play hookie from church this Sunday the game is at 10:00 at our home fields. 

Jordyn's u14 team has only played two games so far this season and I wasn't able to make one of them (it was 4 hours away!) so I'm lacking in Jordyn photos. They won their first game and tied the 2nd game. Their next game is this Thursday (10/11) night at Lake Point Sports Complex against SSA Chelsea Black.

Back in August Jordyn took her referee certification class/test, which she passed so she can now ref games and earn her some money! She did a great job in her first couple of games as a line judge. The very first game she reffed happened to be one of Bryce's games so we got to see her in action.  

All of the photos above were taken from the first game. It was a Friday evening game and it seemed like we lost our daylight really fast! The girls love playing under the lights, but it doesn't make for great photos so I gave up after a while.  

This was during a half time. She was getting some tips from the center ref. 

Bryce's u11 team has had several games since the beginning of the season. So many games! His team has 29 boys on it so usually the boys are split into 3 teams. Some boys will overlap and play on 2 team. There are typically 4 to 6 games played every weekend for this group with some of the boys playing at least 4 games each weekend. The boys have had some awesome games and some disappointing games, but they have improved since this time last year and that's what we are going for. I'm low on Bryce photos too since I have only been able to make a few of his games thus far. I still haven't found a way to be in 3 places at once unfortunately! 

 This is Bryce's team. 
We were missing a few boys the day we took this photo so not everyone is pictured. 

So lots of school stuff and soccer stuff in the month of September. The great news is we did get ourselves a nice little reprieve during Fall Break when we escaped to our favorite place...Disney! A Disney post is coming soon. 

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