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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Christmas 2018!

Christmas season was a whirlwind around here it seems. We had a few different celebrations. I did a terrible job (once again) at taking pictures at each of our celebrations, but here are a few of what I did capture. 


 Pop with his littlest and furriest grand babies. I would like to point out that Ellie has on baby Uggs. 
 Cece with her littlest babes. Clearly she was the only one cooperating for this photo. 
Come on babies, look at the camera!

 Birthday and Christmas smiles from Alex. 

 This is Jay's "Yes! I got socks" face. 

This is a great photo of Katie so hence why I posted it, but seriously...why can't I just smile normal?

 Ummm...hello, babies. 
What will it take for you to look at the camera? 
I'll let it slide this year because you are new at this, but next year... 

I love my family. 

Moving on to Christmas Eve. 

 Dad approves of his AC/DC socks. 

 Wow. Ugg slippers from Joey and Katie. Thanks!!

 Chloe loved her new squeaky donut toy. So much so she popped it within 15 mins of having it. 

 A drone?! Woah!

 This girl loves nail polish, especially China Glaze. 

 Princess outfit for Elizabeth!

 How did Cece know she wanted this sweatshirt?! 

 I don't care who you are...everyone smiles when they see a pair of baby Vans. 

 Pop snuggles. 


 My beauties!


 Notice that Katie is throwing Chloe a sausage ball. Ha!

 You will accept my kiss and you WILL like it. 

 New Christmas jammies!

And finally, Christmas Morning!


He makes the best faces when he opens gifts. 

 Nice. Man slippers. 

 DJ Bryce Bryce Baby. 

Merry Christmas!

The rest of Christmas day was a blur. We went to my aunt Carole's house for lunch and then headed over to Bryan's sister's house for dinner. I brought my camera along and managed to not take a single picture. I seem to do this every single year. I get so into visiting I forget to take photos. 

I also managed to not take any photos of our New Year's Eve celebrations other than the below selfie with Bryan. We rang in the new year with our friends and neighbors. Bryce was at one house and the girls were at another so we made the rounds walking back and forth. It was a really fun and low key night for all of us. 

I'm hopeful 2019 will be the best year we have had in a while and I'm hopeful the new year will bring us continued healing, laughter and joy. Happy New Year everyone!

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