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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Rain Delay. That's My Excuse.

Woops. My last post was way back in January and here we are half way through March. I'm going to blame my absence on the insane amount of rain Georgia has been having. So. Much. Rain. There has been so much rain and we have been stuck indoors a lot so clearly there is no way I could sit down and catch you guys guys up on what we've been up to. Rain sounds like a good excuse so I'm sticking to it.

Despite the rain, we've still had plenty of soccer. My raincoat, umbrella and rain boots (soccer mom necessities) have been getting a major workout lately. The inside of my car resembles a mud pit. Right about now I am thankful for the WeatherTech Bryan insisted on ordering for my car. I complained about the cost, but I'm super thankful we have it now. Definitely worth the money for anyone on the fence about getting it especially if you have kids or pets.

Sydney is in the midst of her high school season with Etowah. She has practice pretty much everyday after school with games usually on Tuesday and Friday nights. I don't usually get to make her Tuesday night games because the other two have practice. I don't like missing games, but it happens often, especially with Bryan's volleyball coaching schedule currently. On top of doing high school Sydney has been attending practice with her club too. On some days she goes to 2 practices - one for high school and then we head to another practice for club. She has even been jumping in on some of Jordyn's practices too when homework allows. The girl is busy, but handles her schedule pretty well. Sadly I don't have a ton of photos of her thus far because all but a few of her games have been played in the rain and I love my camera too much to bring her out in the rain. Basically that translates into I can't replace my gear so I tend to baby all of it.

Jordyn's club team had a preseason tourney back in February and are now 4 games into their regular season with 2 games on the schedule this weekend.. So far they are sitting in the top spot with 3 wins and a tie. They are looking pretty darn good so hopefully their momentum keeps up. Their goal is to take the top spot so they came move up to the Athena A division come fall season (top two teams move up a division and the bottom two teams move down a division). Jordyn's season opener games were in Savannah so Jo and I spent the first weekend in March in Savannah. In the first game she ended up scoring! This is a big deal because Jordyn is primarily a defender (she can play anywhere though) so you don't see many goals from the girls on the back line, but she had the opportunity to play the ball up the line and knocked a beautiful right cross and the ball lofted into the back of the net. It was pretty awesome, but her face when the ball went in was the best. Of course I missed taking a picture of it because I was up out of my seat cheering. I did manage to get a few celebration shots though so we could remember the moment.

 She scored!!!

 Her teammates were so happy for her.

 Still smiling about it!

Bryce's team hasn't gotten to play as many games as they would like due to the rain. Our home fields have been so saturated that they were not playable for quite a while. Just a note for non soccer people... Bryce plays at the Academy level and Jordyn plays at the Select level. Any games that are rained out for Academy rarely get made up, but Select games that are rained out have to be made up or you take a forfeit for the game and it counts against your standings within your division through Georgia Soccer. I am sure you guys were dying to know that information, but wanted to explain how things work. Last weekend the games for Bryce were luckily moved AND there were games added to the schedule since so many games have been cancelled. Well Bryce was rostered on two teams for the weekend and since those two teams each added a game he ended up playing in FOUR games last Saturday. I don't have the first picture to show you though because I wasn't at his games, Bryan was the lucky parent who got to take him to the four games. It was just how Bryan wanted to spend his entire Saturday. ;) Hopefully the weather will cooperate in the coming days so they can get their games in this weekend. I do have a few pictures of Bryce from a workout he did with the girls over winter break and from his preseason tournament though so at least he gets some face time on the blog.

Somewhere in the middle of all these soggy soccer games we managed to throw together a last minute family dinner for Jay's birthday. I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked, but it's always nice getting the fam together so we can celebrate. We were missing Bryan, Katie and Ellie though so I'm thinking we need a redo very soon. That's easier said than done!

I think this catches us up on things. As usual I have mostly soccer stuff to share, but I'll round this post out a few pictures of little Elizabeth "Ellie". I watch Ellie during the week while Katie works. She's such a little doll baby. She enjoys eating, babbling, putting everything in her mouth, stroller rides, banging her hands on everything and watching Baby Einstein - Mozart.

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