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Tuesday, August 6, 2019


This post is long overdue, but better late than never!! 

Back on July 22 our boy baby turned ELEVEN! Bryce still has a larger than life personality. He is a friend to all and really has a heart of gold. You should see him interact with is baby cousins. He is so good with both of them. This past year he has grown like a weed. I can't get over how long (and "slender") his legs are. If this trend of growing up and not out continues we are going to have a very hard time finding him pants/jeans! 

For Bryce's birthday this year we switched things up a little. Instead of a pool party at my parent's house we took a group of boys to Portal Pinball for some old school video arcade action followed up with a little trip to our neighborhood pool. We totally lucked out and ended up having the neighborhood pool to ourselves when we arrived, which was so odd considering it was a boiling hot Saturday. No complaints...we enjoyed our private pool party! 

* The arcade is not ideal for taking photos. It's pretty dark and a flash from a camera would not have been ideal so dark photos were the result. 




The day before Bryce's actual birthday we met up with the family for a little pool time celebration. And on his actual birthday we took him to lunch since dinner was out of the question. Why? On his birthday mandatory team camp started for soccer so that's where he spent his birthday evening...on the soccer field!

Bryce, I adore you. Even on the days where you drive me absolutely crazy. I'm excited to see what your 11th year of life has in store for you! 

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