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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Four Birthdays & An Anniversary

Let's rewind back to August. 
August is a busy month for celebrations in our family. 
Four birthdays and one anniversary to be exact.

Birthday 1 and 2 belong to Katie and Pop. Their birthdays are a day apart so they get to share the spotlight. We had a nice family lunch followed by yummy desserts.

Next up was a big anniversary celebration for Papa and Honey. They celebrated 50 years of marriage! They share their anniversary with my dad's birthday - August 9th. My sister-in-law hosted a lovely Sunday afternoon party for them with all of their family and friends.

Big Bro and Little Sis.

Birthday celebration #3 belonged to Ellie! On August 18th she celebrated her FIRST birthday! She had the cutest flamingo themed party.

 This is just a small portion of the decorations. The house looked amazing! 




I love Joey's face and finger point, "Woah...she's standing". Mom is in the back ground pointing too. She was just standing there looking at her new toys like no big deal! 

The last birthday we celebrate in August in Bryan's. His birthday is the 26th and guess what...I pretty much forgot all about it because I had been zoned in on Sydney and her surgery. It hit me the night before and I felt like the worst wife ever. Bryan is doing a no carb diet currently so he said he didn't want me to bake or buy a cake. On the morning of his birthday I cooked him an egg and bacon breakfast before school. It was the least I could do since I basically forgot! He did get a present, but he ordered it himself. He got a new golf bag and a few new golf clubs so he didn't go gift-less for his uneventful birthday. The other thing I forgot was to get a photo of us not celebrating his birthday. I really blew it this year!! 
Here's a recycled photo from his birthday last year to wrap things up. 

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