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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Last Day of School for 2020!

The last day of school came a bit earlier than originally planned this year. The last day of school was supposed to be today - May 28, 2020, but due to all the crazy COVID-19 stuff going on the last day of school was moved to Friday May 8, 2020. The kids have been having Digital Learning Days (DLD) since March 16th, which went pretty smoothly for us. We have been practicing DLD for a few years now so the kids jumped right into the online learning easily. Kudos to Cherokee County.

Sydney finished up her Junior year and what a year it was for her. At the beginning of the year she tore her ACL and over the course of the first semester of school she had THREE surgeries and missed up to 30 days of school in some classes. Due to COVID Sydney missed out on her first prom although I think the group she was planning on going with may be having their own "Mini Prom" in July. Hopefully that will pan out so Sydney can wear her dress. She ended up finishing 2nd semester with all As. Amazing work Syd! Oh and our girl received her custom sport brace and has been back on the soccer field working out. She isn't cleared for full contact yet, but seeing her out of the field doing what she loves makes my mom heart happy. It also scares me a little to be honest!

First Day ~ Last Day Junior year

Get it girl!

Jordyn wrapped up 8th grade; her last year of middle school. She took all honors classes with 3 of those being high school classes and earned all A's all year. Wow! I have to say that in her 3 years of middle school she only made one B, an 89 no less, in a 7th grade language arts class, which still ticks her off to this day. I don't mention Jordyn's grades as a mom brag, but I mention them because she deserves the recognition for working her tail off to earn all A's. I find her dedication to school so admirable. Jo missed out on the Eagle Walk, which is a special event they do for the 8th graders where they walk from Booth Middle over to Etowah High. All the parents and teachers line the path and cheer for them as they walk. It doesn't sound like much, but it is something special the kids look forward too so it was a bummer they didn't get to do it this year.

First Day ~ Last Day of 8th grade! 

And finally we have Bryce who finished up his 5th grade year. The last year of elementary school for Bryce. I'm slightly excited about being finished up with elementary school although we missed out on all those lasts: awards programs, field day and of course the 5th grade final walk around the school. They did have a drive by parade at the school for the 5th grade class, but Bryce opted not to go...he was down the street playing with a friend who also opted not to go. Fine by me! Bryce did meet up with his class for a drive by birthday parade for his math/science teacher so he at least got to see her in person (from the car) before the school year was over. 

 First Day ~ Last Day of 5th grade! 

Bryce on his first day of kindergarten. 

 Birthday parade for his teacher. Standing up through the sunroof living his best life. 

Skipping the 5th grade drive-by parade to hang with his friend Lance. 

Despite the school year not ending like we thought, the kids finished strong. I'm proud of them for adjusting to a "new normal" so well for the last 8 weeks of school. 
Way to go Jones kids!

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