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Monday, July 13, 2020

Beach Bums

It's been a while since we took a family vacation. Life has gotten that busy. Last year we cancelled a trip to Disney because the girls and I were supposed to take a soccer trip to Italy over spring break 2020. Well...obviously we did not make it to Italy over spring break. Thanks COVID! At the time we had another trip holding for Disney over fall break; however, with everything going on we decided a trip to Disney wasn't a good idea for our family. Plus it looks like we will now have soccer tournaments and/or season games both weekends of fall break. Why am I explaining all this...because we decided before this uptick in COVID to go to the beach. We booked us a 5 day trip to Miramar Beach, FL that sandwiched between Bryan's volleyball and the kid's soccer schedule. 

Of course as our trip grew closer the COVID numbers starting going up, specifically in Florida, but we decided to chance it and I am really glad we did. We needed a break and we needed time away together. It was so nice to be lazy beach bums! We arrived before the usual dinner rush so we went out to dinner the very first night. That was the ONLY night we went out to eat. All other nights we ordered food and ate at our condo. We had great weather and the water was perfect; clear and beautiful. 

We ran into 2 of Jordyn's soccer team mates while they were out walking on the beach! 

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