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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Summer Soccer Scrimmages

It has been a while...almost 4 months since the kids had any sort of soccer games. We haven't started back to actual games, but it was nice watching the girls participate in inner club scrimmages. Even more exciting than the scrimmages was the fact that Sydney was back on the field after 3 surgeries and 10 months of recovery after tearing her ACL back in early August 2019. As exciting as it was to see Sydney back on the field (she scored a goal in the first scrimmage - see video below!) it also made me very nervous. Even in an inner club scrimmage these girls don't play "light" so every time someone came in on her or she hit the ground I found myself holding my breath. None of this seemed to bother Sydney so that is what matters! I will work on relaxing a bit at the summer leads into the fall season. 

Here's the video of Sydney's goal. She's number 18 playing in the center, orange cleats with a brace on her left leg. Thank you Joan for capturing the goal! 

The scrimmage ended in a 1 to 1 tie. Both of these NL Impact teams, U18 and U19 are strong team and will be fun to watch this season. 

Jordyn's U16 team worked their way up to the NL level this year and had only a few practices before the scrimmage and you could tell. Haha. They lost to the u15 NL team 5 to 2, which I don't think the girls liked very much. Their coach really didn't like it as they got their butts chewed afterwards.



A few weeks after the first scrimmage Sydney's team had another inner club scrimmage. Same teams. They won 5 to 0, but Sydney didn't have her best day. She's still got some work to do to get back to where she was, but she is trying hard so I know she will get there soon. She also has to work through the mental side of coming back from such a serious injury. The mental side of things may be the hardest part of all this!


Finishing camp and team camp (each a week long) are coming up soon, which will lead right into school starting again...whatever that may look like. Schedules are still being set, but I know there will be some tournaments in August and then a college showcase in South Carolina for both girls over Labor Day weekend. Bryce is supposed to have a tournament in August as well. The count down is on until all the craziness starts back up. I am looking forward to it, but I must admit I have gotten use to a chill schedule and I like it! 

After giving it a few moments thought...I like the craziness better. I
 LOVE watching my kids play the game they love so much. 

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