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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

All The October Soccer!

October was a crazy busy month. So many different happenings this October including SOCCER. So. Much. Soccer. All over the state of Georgia plus South Carolina. I won't do a lot of typing and just show you the action shots instead. I will say that my keeper guy has had an amazing season. Bryce has been making some killer saves all season long.

Jordyn's regular NL season is over, but she is far from finished for the year. She has State Cup coming up along with several college showcases that will take us through January. From there she will try out for high school soccer. 
Bryce has another regular season game coming up...in Savannah. Blah. His team has an end of season tournament in November and then he has middle school soccer tryouts coming up. 

As for Sydney, no soccer for her for a while yet, but her PT is moving along slowly. She is almost to the goals the doctor set for her. Hopefully by next week's appointment she reaches the goals and can avoid a clean out surgery. Sydney's personal goal is to try to get herself back on the field for the end of high school season so she can at least play one high school game her Senior year. We shall see...

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